What We Offer

Whether you’re moving or looking to update the space you already have, Home Revision provides support and reinvention through the following services:

  • Home Styling.  We help edit belongings and refresh floor plans by using new and existing decor.  When it comes to sourcing furniture we suggest designers and products that match your budget and personal style. 
  • Home Staging. We organize existing home items, rent furniture where necessary and introduce design elements to best position properties for sale and rental. 
  • Home Organization.  We offer guidance through the packing or unpacking process during a move; find creative, design-friendly organization solutions for residential and commercial spaces; provide hands-on assistance for a closet purge, entertainment system set-up or yet-to-be-named project. 

Where We Work

Home Revision can work in any space, including the smallest of studios, apartments with multiple bedrooms, multi-level brownstones and free-standing homes. Don't see what you're looking for? Reach us through our contact page to share your project needs.